HOW LOCAL School Groups, Clubs, Teams, Students & Community Organizations CAN PARTICIPATE

Last minute requests to fundraise WILL NOT be granted!


The PTSO wants to support South County Pyramid School students, teams, clubs, and organizations in their fundraising efforts, but our main priority is the PTSO fundraiser and our Vendors, not individual fundraisers.  Any student, school sports team or club interested in fundraising at either the Extravaganza or the Spring Fling is asked to fill out the official application form. Explain in detail what you plan to sell.


We encourage students, school teams and clubs to think outside the box when fundraising at the Extravaganza. In the past we have had groups sell face painting, caricature drawings, fairy hair, SoCo wrapping paper, poinsettias etc. If you choose to sell items that our vendors are already selling such as jewelry, ornaments, and wreaths, you may be declined if we already have enough professional vendors selling these items. Specific SCHS items typically sell well such as ornaments decorated in South County colors etc.


South County Pyramid Student Teams/Clubs/Organizations are school-sanctioned groups, teams, clubs etc. in the South County Pyramid of Schools. If your school does not eventually feed into South County High School, your group is not eligible for this category. The Extravaganza Committee reserves the right to limit the number in this category of vendor. Community Nonprofit groups must be a certified 501-C3 charity.


In order to qualify for a discounted booth fee, all participating school teams, clubs and groups are expected to assist with publicizing the event. This includes flyer distribution at local craft events, hanging banners and placing and collecting road signs.


Student Entrepreneurs are student vendors in grades K-12 who create their own products. This category is open to FCPS students as well as individual students outside of FCPS. Parents are allowed to assist their student with the application and payment process, but students must make their own products and be present in their booth on the day of the show from 9a-3p.


Complimentary Booth Space in the Candy Cane Kids' Corner

There is LIMITED availability, and all groups must have prior approval by the Extravaganza Committee. Every Community Group participating must assist us with marketing the event. Activities include, but are not limited to, placing flyers on cars, hanging banners and placing road signs on local roadways. Please email the Vendor Coordinator at if you are interested in a free table in the Candy Cane Kids' Corner.


Bake Sales

Each year we get multiple requests to sell baked goods. We have several professional vendors selling baked goods and we cannot have competition with our vendors. We will consider on a case-by-case basis requests to sell whole cake or pies, cake pops, dipped pretzels, flavored popcorn etc. Approval is dependent on registered professional vendors in any given year.


Raffles & Silent Auction Items

We host raffles and silent auction items at the Silent Auction in the Gym, the PTSO Reindeer Games booth, and Santa’s Book Emporium. We allow vendors to do FREE giveaway drawings, but we do not allow any other raffle or bidding on items.


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