Form Title

Form Purpose

Check Request Form Process a bill to be paid or request reimbursement from the PTSO for a cost incurred
Classroom Support form Request PTSO funding for classroom items or projects not covered by the FCPS budget--available only to faculty who are PTSO members
Cash Box Request form Request a PTSO supplied cashbox with initial funding to support a PTSO sales event
Deposit Voucher form Record cash/checks to deposit to PTSO bank account after sales event 
Nomination Form Nominate someone for elected PTSO office
Club Request Form Use this form to ask for financial support of a SCHS club (sponsors must be PTSO members)

Scholarship application(pdf)

Scholarship application(ms-word)

For paid PTSO members only, (you can still join the PTSO now if you haven't yet)






Document Title

Document Purpose 

VA Sales Tax Exemption

Verification of Exempt from Virginia Sales taxes because of PTSO's 501(c)3 non-profit status

PTSO Monetary Policy/Procedures

Policy document on PTSO financial procedures

IRS Determination Letter 

Verification of the PTSO's 501(c)3 status

PTSO Letterhead (Word format, download and save)

MS-Word blank document with the South County PTSO logo

PTSO Bylaws

Documents governance of the PTSO



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