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Meeting minutes from May 13, 2020

Type of Meeting: Board (Special Meeting)
Date of Meeting: May 13, 2020 @ 7pm
Meeting Location: Online Zoom Meeting

● Nannette Henderson
● Gary Morris
● Patty Klunder
● Jennifer Thibdoeau
● Cassy Gilmore
● Carla Olivo
Call to Order
● The meeting was called to order at 7:00pm. A quorum was present.


Meeting Minutes Review
● Review/approval of minutes from 3/3/2020 and 4/3/2020 meeting. A call for corrections was requested. None were raised. Minutes were approved as written.
All Night Grad Party Funds Review
● The current financial status of the All Night Grad party was reviewed.
● Donations/monies have been collected from Flocking, Magnets, White House Ornament, Raffles, Ticket sales, etc.
● Most of the funds will be refunded from ANGP vendors, except for one entertainment contract where we have committed a $5k deposit. It’s possible we can get some of this back but still unknown at this time as this deposit is built into the ANGP contract.
● Prizes have been purchased/donated (e.g., headphones, purses, speaker, TV, etc).
All Night Grad Party Discussion
● Multiple considerations were discussed regarding the All Night Grad Party given the COVID-19 Pandemic.
● Option 1: No alternate celebration, return ticket cost to families, provide gift card to students with remaining funds.
● Option 2: Alternate celebrations with limited socially-responsible entertainment were discussed in detail. Dates were discussed but no clear date/timeframe identified (e.g., late summer, Thanksgiving/Winter 2020, Homecoming 2020)
After a lengthy and detailed discussion, the SCHS PTSO Board voted on the following items with the corresponding votes.
● Offer refund to tickets, raffles, and ANGP donations - Board voted a unanimous YES
● Provide an option to donate part or all of refund to FCPS “Kids in Need” Funds - Board voted a unanimous YES
● Disband current current ANGP committee and form new Senior Celebration Committee - Board voted a unanimous YES
● Continue with drawing for raffles for students who have purchased ANGP tickets - Board voted a unanimous YES
● Negotiate with entertainment contract to get deposit refunded - Board voted a unanimous YES
● Purchase Gift Cards for each graduating senior - Board voted a unanimous YES
ACTION: Committee to be established to discuss how to celebrate responsibly. Ideas:
● Yearbook signing get together with food trucks, maybe music
● Purchase ads in local newspapers with names of graduates/future plans
● “Put in Cups” sign on fence along Silverbrook/Laurel Crest
● Neighborhood parades (PTSO can sponsor a parade, but the school cannot sponsor the event)
● Senior picnic somewhere on school grounds
● Social media postings with kids in prom attire
● Social media postings with future plans (like Lade Braddock Instagram)
● St. Bernadettes is still hoping to help with the Baccalaureate (discussion still needed on size/seating)
○ First priority would go to SCHS PTSO Members
○ Students will have their caps & gowns by this date
○ No food/drinks
● Will attempt to do the event in person, but if unable we can do a virtual event
● Discussed cost of video production, no decision made
Thursday May 14 Senior PTSO Meeting
● Will use Blackboard, can host up to 1k callers
● Will be monitoring memberships and require votes to be made by members only
Treasurer’s Report
● Account is financially secure
● Silent Auction was moved to Fall 2020
● ANGP funds will not be used towards ANGP but will be used towards the SCHS 2020 Seniors
SCHS Staff & Teacher Appreciation Week
● Will be providing a Gift Certificate for a loaf of bread or a sandwich from Lorton Local - Great Harvest Bread
Transition Plan for SCHS 2020-2021 PTSO Leadership
● Officers need to ensure their teams pass on a binder/documentation to the incoming PTSO team (due June 1, 2020).

The meeting was adjourned at 8:37pm

PTSO Webmaster on 5/13/2020 9:03 pm

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