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Board Meeting Minutes - Nov 2022

South County PTSO
November 9 2022 

Board Meeting Minutes

Called to Order – Ann Wilkie


Attendance: Ann Wilkie, Ellen Ardrey, Renee Flynn, Kitty Greenstein, Katie O’Donnell, Melinda Fortunato, Dr. Khoshaba

Meeting Minutes for 9/8/22, 9/27/22, 10/13/22 Approved

Audit Status – Kidada working on pw. Ellen will follow-up with Kidada. Deadline of December 1 to complete audit. 



  • CD status, 10-14K available excluding CD. Successful fundraising in 21-22. Recommend breaking into several CDs that mature at different times. Ellen - will make a recommendation in January. 


    • 54K in checking, 20k CD, Have a separate meeting to discuss what to do with extra month (along with a membership drive): projectors installation, mural on the walls and partner with the workhouse, get the marquee fixed – hire students to fix it or find a business partner to fix it, artistic display in front of school as an area that is welcoming with benches for students to gather (private school appearance – WOW factor) Who made the Stallions at the stadium? We can ask the Workhouse artists to consult with students on the project. ***Melinda will email Leon as an introduction with Dr. Khoshaba.
    • We have an ANGP Savings account of $2K. 
    • Question by Dr. Khoshaba – How much money is necessary to start the year? Ellen answered 20K to start year is necessary, spiritwear, whitehouse ornaments, etc. 
    • Membership – Dr. Khoshaba suggested make a logo or status for teachers being members (ex: star on door for being a member) QR code with sign at the lunch.
    • Membership Toolkit - TSYS transition and Audit - Are they done? Ellen is working on it.



Complete Board oversight for Committee list: completed

Fundraising – Katie and Ann will create a job description with specific tasks for Fundraising Chair. 


Vote to approve Letter writing campaign – Vote to table the letter until after special project meeting. Need to set a date for special project meeting. 


Vote to purchase two Square Terminals ($299 each) and two Square Readers ($49 each) Renee will provide oversight for Square Terminals and Readers. Katie proposes purchasing 3 terminals and 3 readers instead of 2. Renee will Ask Boosters if they work with WIFI and if they work well in the school or outside. Voted All Approved - Kitty


Leftover academic letters/pins - Donate letters to boosters?  Return pins? Donate letters to boosters. Vote & Approved. Katie will give athletic boosters the letters and Ann will attempt to return the pins to the vendor.  If the vendor will not accept a return, Ann will reach out to area PTAs to donate.


Large outdoor sign for fence  - Melinda will email prices to board and have an online vote.


Membership Dues – Comparison


SCMS - $5: faculty, staff, student - $10 individual - $25 family

Fairfax HS - $15 parent - $6 student - $10 faculty/staff

Hayfield - $20 parent - $5  faculty, staff, student

West Springfield - $5 student - $6 faculty/staff - $10, 20, 25 for Family of 2, 3, 4

Robinson - $8 each person parent, student, staff

West Potomac - $20 family - $10 staff/student


Membership: End of Year decide pricing of Membership. - Ann


Side Notes:

Honor Roll? Katie asked. Dr. Khoshaba said it should be this week and will follow up.
Ann Wilkie – Lawyer asked to present at the school on his book and talk about being a lawyer. Board voted No. 


Funding Email Votes:

Title of request

Date notified

Staff name

Amount Requested

Approved Amount

Approved? Y or N

Description of request

Line item (Class or Club request)

Class of 2024


Shanae Hill




raffle fundraiser for class of 20224


Interactive Review Sheets AP Econ


Stephen Kingston




interactive ws for AP Econ


Global Classmates


Nichole Mayfield




Omiyage gift exchange


Hispanic Student Society


Doris Straughn




scholarship fund


Outdoor Cooperative Games PE


Maureen Saule




PE equipment


Meeting Adjourned: 11/9/22

Melinda Fortunato on 11/9/2022 12:00 am