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Board Meeting Minutes - Nov 2021

South County High School PTSO Board  Meeting Minutes

November 8, 2021



Ann Wilkie

Melinda Fortunato

Kidada Bivins

Renee Flynn


Gary Morris

Patty Klunder – voted by email

PTSO Scholarship

Motion: Remove membership requirement for seniors to apply for PTSO scholarships so Holly Biehl can take over scoring applications since we don’t have a scholarship chair.

Comments: Melinda – it’s important to show value of being in PTSO. Let’s keep it PTSO members. Ann – We need a scholarship chair. Decision: The board will find someone to be the scholarship chair. If we don’t find someone by end of 2021, than we can vote again 

Action: Table vote

Notes: Kidada suggests asking Nanette to be scholarship chair

HOBY – Leadership Event - Holly Biehl asked for financial assistance for this program.

2 students are selected – Leadership program

$225/student, $395/2nd student

PTSO has paid a portion in the past.

Motion: Pay a portion of the registrations for everyone OR pay a portion for only students in need OR pay entire registration for students in need

Vote: Pay full registrations for both if there is a financial need determined by the school. 


Academic Awards

Motion: Increase budget by $200 

Comments: Awards Chair - suggests putting pins & awards in bags given to teachers & have advisory teachers to distribute to students

Include a card which is the increase in budget and have volunteers write cards. 

VOTE: No to increase in budget, too much work for volunteers when we have other places we need volunteers & money.


Parent Principal Chat – Melinda Dec 2


Membership & Fundraising

Membership is less than half this year compared to 2019-2020

Motion: We need to increase membership

Comments: Football Games with a membership table worked. What other in-person events do we have that we can take advantage of asking for memberships?

  • Selling ornaments during games – what about combining ornament sales with a membership (or discounted membership)
  • SignUp Genius asking for memberships
  • Donation Drive – Ask parents for donations instead of PTSO requests for fundraising or volunteering
  • PTSO Hype Video by Students! (emailed by Mr. Morris in weekly email? And shown at school?)


  • Kidada & Renee: Find volunteers for table during game with ornaments this weekend to sell memberships using Square.
  • Ann: Email – resend the email with benefits to parents
  • Renee:  Craft Fair – Sell membership, Game of Chance
  • Melinda & Ann - Basketball Games, Melinda will send dates for basketball home games & create signup genius for table volunteers to Ann to email.
  • Renee & Ann: Donation Drive, Use Square – Renee finding someone to write up & send to Ann to email.


Teacher Appreciation

Leadership Students celebrate Teacher Appreciation the last week in April. PTSO provides a luncheon the following week.

Action: Melinda – Email Mrs. Price & Mrs. Peck if they need something from us or just informing us about their week for teachers.

Melinda Fortunato on 11/1/2021 12:00 am