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Board meeting minutes - Feb 2023

PTSO General Membership Meeting Minutes

February 8, 2023

Meeting Called to order at 7:00 pm


Officer’s Reports:


ALL Night Grad Party Adjustments to Budget

Netted $16,830 for Craft Fair Holiday Extravaganza

Investments in the school:

-Funded wobble stools for special Ed.

-Installation 4 IT projectors

-Key Club Memorial Rocks

We have been able to invest more this year - $16717 worth of teacher requests, club & special requests. Teachers have sent thank you letters.

Ellen will list PTSO donations at the next meeting so everyone knows where the money is going.

Katie –to Steve Can we add reviews to the website?

1 Vice President:

Goodie Bags – for honor roll students with gift cards. 12 $10 GC for attendance drawings

Teacher In Service on March 3 – Claudia asked for us to provide breakfast – Anita’s breakfast burritos, What donations should we ask for ie water, bars, jugs of juice, coffee, fruit, SignUpGenius to come

Staff Appreciation Lunch May 5 in Silver Box – SignUpGenius to come

Steve said to post pictures of teacher appreciation, etc  on website and Facebook.

Ann suggested asking Yearbook to take pictures of teacher events.


Renee – Craft Fair (Ann reporting on her behalf)

2nd annual Spring Fling ( Craft Fair) outdoor April 29 9-2pm

Volunteers Needed, Email Renee to volunteer & there will be a signupgenius

Goal is for the community to participate.

Wants to partner with middle school and make this more about the SOCO community.


Patty Klunder – Science Fair Chair

Success, thank you to volunteers and for donations of water and chips.  PTSO funded the pizza for the participants.


Audrey Wiggins – Mosaic

Black History Months activities

Panel on persistence & resilience Feb 22 during advisory supported by Mosaic Committee chair

Soul food tasting for staff and students in Cafeteria Feb 22


Principal Report

Teacher funded grants – thank you so much for PTSO support

Friday Feb 10th National I Love You Day – Suicide Awareness

Counselor Month – simple email or thank you to the counselor

Next week – School Board Appreciation Week – email or thank you card

Lots of events coming up – Spring Sports soon, Awards season, Graduation coming soon.

Student Advisory Meeting - All 4 grade levels - What do they love about SCHS? Diversity in school.

School Spirit needs to be worked on by teacher s& staff attending events. Students & Staff aren’t dressing up for Spirit Days.

-Parent Advisory – areas for improvement, grades need to be posted once a week for consistency.

Great feedback parents and doable goals.

Ann-Fentanyl use on the rise, a number of cases, vaping in bathrooms

FCPS provided Narcan – in schools for overdoses

Question by parent – is there a female resource officer in the school? Principal answers – most high schools have this problem, but it’s hard to fill the position.

Use school ids and technology for accountability for kids.

Peer Pressure is real. Teach kids HOW to say no. Practice how to say no.

Another school – in bathroom there are advertisements about not using drugs.

Use the art department for creating advertisements. VA Dept of Health – free posters.

Engaging students in art department is helpful.

Let’s provide resources to parents where parents are located. Back to School Night, sporting events, etc.


What happens when someone is caught vaping/drugs? 2 days in school suspension & call parents

There needs to be more consequences. Like suspended from sports.

Steve asks – What happens after first offense? Maybe 1 day out of school suspension.


FCCLA competition funding from PTSO – thank you from Savannah.

Ann added other funding from PTSO – Murals in school, painting supplies for school rock (StallionStrong)


Meeting Adjourned at 750pm.



Kitty Greenstein

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Melinda Fortunato

Ann Wilkie

Amanda Haynes

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