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Board Minutes - March 2023

PTSO Board Meeting Minutes

9 March 2023

Attendance: Dr. Khoshaba, Ann Willkie, Kitty Greenstein, Katie O’Donnell, Melinda Fortunato, Ellen Ardrey, Renee Flynn


Budget update - CD reinvestment Voted YES See below.

Membership update - 512 Members 


Vote YES - $10,000 for bathroom dividers for Mr. Wooten - Urinal dividers estimate
Worked through FCPS - Precision Doors is the company, 5 per bathroom, 8-10 bathrooms
Katie asked if the county would contribute.  Dr. Khoshaba said the county won’t contribute because it’s not a safety issue.
Katie will ask the community for donations.
Ann suggested the PTSO pay upfront and then ask the community for help to defray our costs..
Dr. Khoshaba - who would we reach out to?
Are there other organizations that will donate?
Katie will reach out to families via Membership toolkit & South County FB pages. Venmo Katie $$?
Ellen - We have to pay taxes on money donated so we need to be careful with collecting money. Membership Toolkit - do we pay taxes on donations through Membership toolkit?

Square purchases - Yes. 2 swipe & 2 tap - found and in good condition. - Renee

Food For Neighbors - Karen McGuinness is our PTSO representative for this program at SCHS. She is in contact with Claudia Pirouzan-Jones, AP.  Karen is going to Irving MS to observe the process.  This program will start Saturday, April 29th at SCHS. 

Katie - offered a portion of the PTSO closet for storage for this initiative.
Kids are praying during C lunch in that area so we need to not disturb them at 12:30pm. There is also a church who uses that space on Sundays.

Get a sign for the PTSO closet - who will do this?


Spring Fling and Craft Fair
Accepted 93 vendors. Turned away twice that number. Vendors are paying, deadline of Saturday, March 18.
Two sponsors - $300/each, Trade Masters & Potomac Music 
Food trucks - 2
Cross Country will grill.
Military Connected Youth for Snow Cone Truck - not Kona Ice because this club wants to do it. Capital Snow is a FCPS teacher as backup.
Middle School did not respond to emails so far.
Blood Mobile, Chamber of Commerce
Melinda and Renee will email the Workhouse - sponsorship?
Dunkhouse - donate to dunk - Coaches!!
Looking for fun, little kids things, LacrosseTournament here that day.
Will change the route for vendors. Pay attention. Need Flatbed carts.
Katie - does ANGP have a table and can they ask for a spot?
Sign Up Genius to come. Morning announcements to come. 


Vote to approve Nominating Committee -Yes
Receive Applications, approve the slate to report to the membership at the May general membership meeting and they vote.
Patty Klunder, Ann Wilkie & Audrey Wiggins - serve on the Nominating Committee.
Tier Effect:  Nomination committee emailed the board, committee chairs, and then membership.
No nomination forms submitted so far.
The nomination committee sent emails to members who attend PTSO meetings.
Ann reached out to SCMS board Teresa Hull & Catherine Aspergis for incoming 9th grade parents to reach out to.  No suggestions were given.
Katie has stepped up to be President next year.
Ann suggested current board members be flexible in the board positions they serve in next year since Renee has served as Corresponding Secretary for three years and cannot serve in this position again.  Advised current board members to list the positions they are willing to serve in when completing the nomination form.
All correspondence and nomination forms go through the nominating committee.

Fundraising Idea - Katie
Lawyer - Power of Attorney reduced rate for 18 year old childrens. Offered to give PTSO a percentage of his fees.
Not a good idea because of the appearance the PTSO is endorsing him.
He can sponsor the PTSO like any other business.  Katie will reach out to him.


Voted on the CD via electronic vote:  Use our Savings account balance ($1991.46), the small amount returned from last years ANGP refund ($470.90), and the CD balance after paying the fee ($20,181.66) and then $2,255.98 from Craft Fair profit to get us to $25k …. Deposited at 5% for 13 months would earn $1,250.00
Put $15000 into a CD instead of $25000.


The following mini grant approvals were approved via electronic vote:

Stock Market Games

Virginia Council Economic Stock Market Game

Personal Fitness PVC Pipes for Technique

DECA Competition


Allotted to Club Grants- Ann said it should be special funding request, not club. $1150 for Key Club for memorial rocks. 
Dr. Khoshaba - is there a deadline for funding requests? If you get trends of requests, than maybe suggest deadlines. If there is a pattern…
Ann - No deadlines, clubs don’t know when they will need money.

Principal Report

Dude Be Nice - wear Orange Friday, March 10
Day Light Savings this Sunday at 2am
Rhamadam - March 22 - April 21 - staff and students can’t eat during that time. Please be respectful of this.
Muslim Student Association - school accommodating needs
April 1 Spring Break
Traffic Patterns - arriving & leaving - afternoon is chaotic 255-305p by flagpole area. Working with security team. Bubble to the gate - blocking some lanes so there is no traffic at 215+
All else will be directed visitors spots for pick up or in the student pickup.
2nd - students leaving property all the time
Door Dash Delivery - confrontation
Shutting gates from 830-215p, one way in and out during those times.

Security Updates - lockdown drills will restart, before school, transitions & lunch still need planning for lockdowns. Working through this with police & security staff. Will teach kids before the drill. The week after Spring Break.

Classroom Observations - goal is 50, at 22. Good feedback mostly. A couple of staff need assistance/guidance.

April 25th at 6pm Parent Advisory

March 15th 1015 Student Advisory

Meeting Adjourned  - 8:04pm

Melinda Fortunato on 3/1/2023 9:42 pm